In search of treasure

Allow me to provide a little insight into the nature of wine sourcing, lest you think that it is all fun and games.  It obviously can be great fun and it’s definitely a treat to go out into the vineyards, to meet winemakers and get to speak to these talented artisans face to face. But it can be daunting as well, particularly when faced with a huge tradeshow featuring hundreds upon hundreds of winemakers in a hot and sweaty hall: The first ... Read more

Le Baron Rouge

Recently, I was able to take some time out for an afternoon at one of my favourite Parisian watering holes, the Baron Rouge. Working your way through the crowds that have spilled out onto the street devouring oysters of all sizes, rich charcuterie and decadent cheeses can be initially daunting but well worth it, especially once you’ve spotted the wine offer. Small production wines from every corner of the country can be found and ordered by the glass, by the pitcher or ... Read more

Strippers and Burlesque Dancers

What’s the difference between New World and Old World wines ? This is a question that I am frequently asked in a tasting setting. And it can be a tough one to answer. Like many of you, I began my wine journey by exploring wines based on various grape varieties. I grew comfortable with them and came to know what to expect from Chardonnay versus Sauvignon Blanc. Then I moved to France where many of the grapes were the same but somehow became ... Read more