Butternut “Carbonara”

What's for dinner? As winter rears the last of its ugly head, I decided to make the best of the season's last butternut squash at my local produce market. White wine recommendation: Henri Martischang Pinot Gris. The richness of the wine is a perfect match for this creamy (yet guilt-free!) pasta. Acidity to cleanse the palate and subtility to let the emphasis remain on the dish while enhancing its flavors. Red wine recommendation: Chateau de la Viaudiere Rouge Tuilé. This unoaked Cabernet Sauvignon is ... Read more

What’s for dinner?

Turbot with roasted vegetables!   I was lucky enough to have someone make this for me recently. Simple, elegant, and the perfect match for this Chardonnay from Chateau de la Viaudière. Bon appetit! Read more