Cuvée Pierre Blanche at the Place des Vosges

I seem to be enjoying a lot of Chenin Blanc this summer but that is simply because it is absolutely divine when it is well-made. Click here to find out more about the gorgeous Pierre Blanche cuvée from Château de la Viaudière. Read more

Chenin Blanc

I had a chance recently to spend some time at the stunning Château du Petit Thouars and to taste their newest wine from a recently planted parcel of Chenin Blanc. This is an amazingly versatile grape that I love. Find out more… Read more

Clos Montmartre

Surprisingly, there is an actual working vineyard within the Paris city limits!  The grapes are harvested in the fall and once the wines are bottled, they are sold at auction with all proceeds going to local community works. And how cool to see just a peek of Sacré Coeur in the background! Read more

Hanging out in Montmartre

When the weather is nice, Montmartre is a great part of Paris to visit for its liveliness and the fantastic views over all the city. And it’s also a great place just to catch up with friends over some wine. Read more

Happy 4th of July y’all!

For me, there's nothing better than a good old-fashioned cookout to celebrate Independance Day. But with all those flavors competing for attention on the table, it can be tough to find the right wines to match. Click here to find out my wine recommendations to make your holiday a big success. Have a great day! Read more