Château du Petit Thouars

Chateau Petit ThouarsAn adventurous spirit leads back to a winemaking tradition…

You can almost taste the history behind each bottle of wine produced by this estate. Looking back, the Petit Thouars family have been involved in many interesting moments in time. A strong naval background is evident from their involvement in the American Revolution, Napoleon’s campaign in Egypt, and establishment of a French protectorate in Tahiti. One of their ancestors was the director of the Royal Nursery, one of the first botanists to visit Mauritius, and a member of the Institute of France.

Today, the family home – acquired with the help of Cardinal Richelieu in 1636 – is still privately held and you will find the latest generations of the Petit Thouars family holding true to their ancestral spirit. The current 16-hectare vineyard was planted in 1975 in an effort to reconnect with the family’s winemaking roots. Located in the triangle of Bourgueil, Chinon and Saumur, the vines are planted on a plateau with a strong clay component, keeping it cooler than heavier limestone sites. Maturation thus takes longer and the east-west orientation of the vineyard means more sunlight at the end of the growing season and better grape maturity.

This combination is ideal for Cabernet Franc, a variety which defines the wines of Château du Petit Thouars. Michel Pinard, head winemaker and formerly with the Charles Joguet estate, has a primarily organic approach to the vines but in practice will treat only when necessary (lutte raisonée) to protect the harvest.

The quality of the wines is absolutely fantastic, but then again you would expect nothing less from a family that seems to over-achieve in everything it does.  Click here or the picture to the left to see a chat with Sebastien du Petit Thouars

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Our handpicked selection of Château du Petit Thouars wines

Reserve Touraine

Garnet in colour with hints of purple, this wine has a distinct nose combining ripe red fruits and raspberry liquor aromas. Solid and round in the mouth with silky tannins to finish off.  … read more

Petit Thouars Rose CremantRosé Crémant NV

We reckon that anyone who takes as much pride in their heritage and ancestry as does the Petit Thouars family, couldn’t make a bad wine if they tried. Throughout history, everything they have undertaken has been with immense courage, passion and unflagging … read more

PetitThBdNBlanc de Noir NV

Perfect for the holidays, bubbles really do make any occasion, meal or moment stand apart from the crowd. We also reckon that they are too often put to the side and saved for something “special”. Why not make Monday as special as Saturday? Here’s your opportunity. … read more