Domaine Eric Gelly

Les GellySeven generations with a quest for quality and responsibility…

Founded seven generations ago in 1850, the Domaine Eric Gelly continues to flourish. Over 45 hectares on clay/limestone soil are spread across six villages in the Languedoc region of southern France. Significant commitment to the environment has been made in the last few years with sustainable agriculture techniques. Treatments are organic and minimal, only when necessary. Bottles are robust but kept light to decrease the estate’s carbon footprint. Corks are certified 100% natural by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Quality is paramount as well. Grapes are picked on a plot-by-plot basis, only when maturity is optimal. Harvest takes place during the cool hours of the morning and fermentation and maceration are done in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks to preserve the freshness of the fruit

Our handpicked selection of Domaine Eric Gelly wines:

Gelly 1850 Chard1850 Chardonnay
Dried fruits and white flowers on the nose. Ample in the mouth with fresh peach, pear and floral flavors.. read more 
Gelly 1850 Syrah1850 Syrah

The nose is a panoply of red fruit with a sprinkle of peppery spices. Fresh on the palate with raspberry and strawberry notes… read more


Gelly White PaysdOcPays d’Oc Blanc

Hints of pear and apricot make for a wine that is ideal as aperitif or with light salads or fish dishes… read more


Gelly Rose PaysdOcPays d’Oc Rosé

Soft and round on the palate with fresh red berry fruit. … read more

Gelly Red PaysdOcPays d’Oc Rouge

Supple yet lively on the palate with ripe berry fruit and discrete tannins. … read more