Château du Petit Thouars – Blanc de Noirs Crémant

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Tasting note

Fine, lasting bubbles with flavors of honeysuckle, green apples, and buttered toast. Refreshing acidity makes it very food-friendly.

Cabernet Franc

Delicate  Intense

Dry Sweet

Light Robust

None Intense

At a glance

Meet the “other” French fizz! Crémant is made in the same method as that used for the original bubbly, but is produced outside the Champagne region. The Loire Valley is home to this surprising sparkler from 100% Cabernet Franc grapes. A prominent UK wine writer once confused this fizz with boutique champagne that retails for two times the price.  Can you tell the difference?

How to drink it

Serve chilled and definitely without guilt – who said bubbles were only for special occasions?  Great for aperitif, it’s also a great match for salty snacks and lighter dishes such as fish or salads..

The story behind the wine

From the American Revolution to Napoleon’s Egyptian campaign to the blue waters of  Tahiti, the Petit Thouars family has a long history of adventure and accomplishment.  The current generation has revived yet another family tradition by restoring the  estate’s vineyards. Over 15 hectares produce complex reds and refreshing sparkling  wines, and new vines will soon be producing fine whites as well.

The region – Loire Valley

Stretching east to west across a wider geographic span than any other wine region in  France, the wines of the Loire are so diverse that generalizations are impossible. This  wine hails from the Chinon region near Tours in the middle Loire. Known more for its  light to medium bodied, refreshing reds, the region also produces various styles of  white wine from Chenin Blanc.