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We tend to forget about rosé wines during the frosty months of winter but it’s time again to delight in the joys of this versatile drink!

What do I love about rosé wine? In a word, everything.  That dash of colour is the perfect antidote to the long gray of winter. The bright aromas, the different styles, and most of all, the simple versatility of rosé makes it a great choice for almost anything. For example:

  • Celebrating something? Pink bubbles are festive and fun – perfect!
  • You’re hosting a burger barbecue but a few of your guests only eat fish. What wine to serve? Rose of course! The perfect wine for summer activities.
  • Love curry but not a beer drinker?  Go for rose! Particularly a slightly sweeter style is the perfect complement to balance your palate against complex spices.

While I do know a few gems that deserve some extra thought and analysis, one of the best things about rose wines is the fact that they don’t demand all the pomp and circumstance that surrounds some others. They are there simply to be enjoyed. What are you waiting for?  Here are a couple of my favorites:

Le Guepier  Petit Thouars Rose Cremant

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