About Griffinwell
In France, there are over 10,000 independent winemakers and consumer access to them and the wide diversity of wines they provide is excellent, whether it be from the local supermarket, wine merchant, or direct purchase from the wineries themselves. Controlling every aspect of their operations from vineyard to bottle, many of these artisans create the best of French wine and at fantastic value for money. But that leaves little to no time to deal with the intricacies and time demands of international commerce. Griffinwell was created to help those winemakers find their voice and to help their fantastic wines find their way to your table.
A bit of background for you…

France was always my dream. As far back as the age of 6 I can remember wanting to live in France and speak the language. As it turned out I would have to wait until my late twenties before I would get to visit for the first time, and my early inclinations were proven to be correct. I settled in Paris at the turn of the millennium and haven’t looked back since.

Education: My wine education began informally in the supermarket. In France, and in particular Paris, even the smallest stores tend to offer a wide choice of styles and regions. When you’re ready to make a more informed choice, the individual merchants here are incredibly well informed and are excellent at offering guidance for any budget. As my interest grew, I sought out more formal routes to expansion of my knowledge through coursework at the Wine and Spirit Education Trust in London. As part of my ongoing quest I am currently obtaining a Masters degree in International Wine and Spirit Commerce through the business school in Dijon.

Today: Wine is my greatest passion. I love everything about it – the culture; the landscape of the vines; the smells, whether from a dank centuries-old cellar, a newly disgorged vintage champagne, or just a basic wine in my glass; and more than anything, I love meeting the people behind the bottles. The winemakers I work with are among the most down-to-earth, generous people I have ever known.  The more I learn about what goes into the bottle, the more I realize the art behind the science. It’s intoxicating.

Pour yourself a glass and join me on my journey of discovery through the world of French wine. Cheers!