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Recently, I was able to take some time out for an afternoon at one of my favourite Parisian watering holes, the Baron Rouge.

Working your way through the crowds that have spilled out onto the street devouring oysters of all sizes, rich charcuterie and decadent cheeses can be initially daunting but well worth it, especially once you’ve spotted the wine offer. Small production wines from every corner of the country can be found and ordered by the glass, by the pitcher or by the bottle. And everything is available for on-site consumption or to take home.

It’s a zoo inside so it’s every man and woman for him- or herself in terms of finding a perch, hence our final spot well down the road in a miraculously-still-available window well. This is well worth a visit for any wine lover so be sure to stop by on your next stop in Paris.

The Baron Rouge can be found at the following address: 1, rue Théophile Roussel, Paris  75012

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