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Over 800 years of winemaking tradition…

Other than the 16th century cellar, only a few vestiges remain of the “château in the center” – i.e. Mittelburg – that gave its name to this domain. Located 12 km from Colmar in Pfaffenheim, this area has been recognized since the 12th century for its winemaking quality and potential.

Winemakers since 1559, the Martischang family today upholds and maintains the domain’s viticulture heritage. Using traditional techniques such as ageing in large oak casks, Michel and Sylvie Martischang achieve consistent excellence in their varied and award-winning cuvées.

Our handpicked selection of Henri Martischang wines

Reisling2009Pinot Gris

Though made from the same grape, this wine is a far cry from your average pub Pinot Grigio. The light nose is misleading as the richness of this wine in the mouth is sheer velvet. The delicious factor here is unbeatable.  … read more  



Considered by growers to be the most noble variety in Alsace, this dry Riesling certainly helps their cause. The floral aromas now showing in this wine will develop more complex mineral and pure fruit flavours with age. read more…

Gewurtz2010Gewurztraminer Cuvée Spéciale

Like far too many Alsatian wines, Gewurztraminer hasn’t enjoyed the strong international popularity of other white wines. What a waste! read more…