Henri Martischang – Gewurztraminer

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Tasting note

Honey, white flowers, litchee fruit, a bit of stony minerality and just a hint of passion fruit make for a rich blend of sheer pleasure.


Delicate  Intense

Dry Sweet

Light Robust

None Intense

At a glance

Alsace is where this grape shows its best face and winemakers consider it a member of the “noble triumvirate’ of varietals along with Riesling and Pinot Gris. This Cuvée Spéciale in particular shines.

How to drink it

The versatility of this wine is surprising. It’s a perfect match for Asian and other spicy fare, as well as for zesty barbecue flavors. We also like it with strong cheeses, foie gras, and rich poultry dishes. Test your own combinations and if you get the chance, try it with a traditional Alsatian tarte flambée.


Limestone-clay soil. Vines between 25 and 30 years old. Residual sugar = 23g

The story behind the wine

We almost made the mistake of overlooking this domain – and what a tragedy that would have been The art of winemaking has been handed down in this family from one generation to the next since 1559. Using ancient techniques to create award-winning wines, Henri and Michel Martischang are proud of their origins and dedicated to the traditions of their craft. Located in the renowned winemaking village of Pfaffenheim, this is an excellent source for true Alsatian gems

The region – Alsace

A pawn traded back and forth between France and Germany for much of its history, Alsace has a rich culture and distinct language that sets is apart from either. The growing season is long and cool, and the vast majority of wine produced is white. The vineyards of the Haut-Rhin department where this domain is found, are particularly known for top quality wines.